Hebamme Gerlinde Skupin

Some independent midwives offer to accompany their clients during labor, hospital birth, birth center, or home birth, depending on the contract they have with the institution. Regardless of where the birth happens, the law in Germany requires that a midwife be called to every birth.

If complications arise, she will call a doctor to attend as well. Of course I am glad to help when you aren't sure if you are really in labor, and at home I can help the couple prepare for the trip to the hospital. I am often asked if I can come along to the hospital. In certain cases this is possible, but I know too well the dichotomy of the laboring women, with a familiar midwife on the one hand and a new hospital midwife on the other, who is the principal caregiver in that situation. Some midwives appreciate my help and familiarity with my clients, some not so much.

Over the years and especially since the birth of my own son, I have become most attached to home births, and because of this I have decided against a contract to work in a hospital. For a planned home birth we will go down the list I will give you and make sure everything is well prepared. Of course we will speak in detail about your ideal home birth, because it is my goal to provide for your wishes, as it is to support the woman and her partner in their trust in normal and natural birth.