Midwife Gerlinde Skupin

For discomfort and ailments during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum time there is a list of tips a mile long, many of which you can read about online. I will intentionally refrain from listing any of my “home remedies” here, since it is important to me that we discuss your specific needs in a personal conversation. There are so many different therapeutic options available in the world of alternative remedies that it can be difficult for a midwife and her client to choose which to focus on. A personal conversation is often the best way to clarify which ideas and wishes a client has, and which remedies would best fit her needs. Sometimes it can be expedient to refer to a trained specialist, i.e. to an osteopath.

In order to improve my skill and knowledge, I have specifically concentrated on the areas of naturopathy, including aromatherapy and phytotherapy, and homeopathy. My philosophy is that I would much rather master a few specific areas than to be a “jack of all trades”, dealing in many remedies but only superficially. I strongly believe, however, that healthy pregnant and postpartum women do not need any treatment, and therefore I work only rarely and circumspectly with prophylaxis. My philosophy also holds for newborns.