Hebamme Gerlinde Skupin

Antenatal care includes not only on-demand consultations whenever the client wishes and needs advice, but also the prenatal check-ups which are documented in the Mutterpass. These routine check-ups can be done by either your gynecologist or your midwife - it is also possible to alternate. Also in case of irregularities, it includes referral to further examinations such as Ultrasound. Often we can find a homeopathic or naturopathic solution to complications, discomfort and pain in the case of edema, preterm labor, anxiety, anemia, varicosis, or post-dates. The same is true for high-risk pregnancies with multiples, spotting, breech, although I notice again and again how important personal and attentive listening can be, and how women really benefit from this original job of the midwife. So there will always be enough time during home visits for personal questions and concerns; so often our conversations turn into detailed consultations concerning nutrition, sexuality, breastfeeding, baby care, etc.

I can give guidance and support when it comes to choosing where to deliver, especially in light of fears and insecurity which have developed during pregnancy or a past birth. It is my sincere wish to support every woman and every couple in deciding on the place to give birth where they feel most secure and comfortable. This can also be discussed in a childbirth preparation class, or at your own home, if your doctor prescribes you antenatal preparation at home because of a high-risk pregnancy. Every woman is entitled to contact me at any time in case of antenatal discomfort or beginning labor!